My Weekly Quote

Since the situation in which we live is much changed but the attitude of people who are in that situation is at variance with the times, this is one of the causes of unnecessary pain, unnecessary problems. Therefore, education is needed to communicate that the concept of violence is counterproductive, that it is not a realistic way to solve problems, and that compromise is the only realistic way to solve problems. Right from the beginning, we have to make this reality clear to a child’s mind — the new generation. In this way, the whole attitude towards oneself, towards the world, towards others, can become more healthy. I usually call this “inner disarmament.” Without inner disarmament, it is very difficult to achieve genuine, lasting world peace.
…Through inner disarmament we can develop a healthy mental attitude, which also is very beneficial for physical health. With peace of mind, a calm mind, your body elements become more balanced. Constant worry, constant fear, agitation of mind, are very bad for health. Therefore, peace of mind not only brings tranquility in our mind but also has good effects on our body.
With inner disarmament, now we need external disarmament. As I mentioned earlier, according to today’s reality, there no longer is room for war, for destruction. From a compassionate viewpoint, destruction, killing others, and discriminating even against one’s enemy are counterproductive. Today’s enemy, if you treat them well, may become a good friend even the next day.
— excerpt by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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