Welcome to “My Weekly Quote” corner

I’ve had the good fortune to come across some amazing and inspiring, strange and beautiful quotes in my lifetime.  I’ve got files and files of them, scribbled on little bits of paper, e-catalogued, categorized by theme, and so on.   Now that I have a website, I’m thrilled and relieved to have a place where I can share them in “My Weekly Quote.”   I’ll be putting one up every Sunday evening, to end the weekend and start the week with.   I hope they add to your life as they have to mine.

The first quote is an old favorite from one of my heroes which truly feels appropriate Now.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt (American United Nations Diplomat, Humanitarian, and First Lady)

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  1. Hi Brian, it’s great to be able to visit your blog. The new yoga centre must be great, I am there in thought! Chloe

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