Grand Opening! Monday, July 2!


now:yoga is thrilled to announce our Summer Schedule!

Beginning July 2nd, now:yoga will be offering the following classes at The Shala, 815 Broadway, 2nd fl, between 11th and 12th.

In addition to Edward Jones, Brian Liem, Frank Mauro, and Joe Miller, please welcome Christie Clark, Renata DiBiase, Shevy Katan, Marlie McGovern, Erin Teufel, and Ani Weinstein to our teaching sangha! We also look forward to having guest teachers join us on occasion, such as Margi Young who will be teaching the 6:15pm Greenhouse (stretch and restore) on Sunday July 15th.


Our special inaugural event to celebrate the birth of  now:yoga!

Join Brian, Edward, Frank, and Joe for this special 2-hour class and get-together.

When: Saturday, July 14, 6:30-8:30pm

What: now:yoga at the Shala Inaugural Event

Who: now:yoga, Edward Jones, Brian Liem, Frank Mauro and Joe Miller

Where: the Shala (815 Broadway, 2nd Floor, between 11th and 12th)


Cost: $25 sign up here

now:yoga Summer Schedule (classes begin monday, july 2)
10:00am open w/ christie
12:15pm basics w/ frank
2:00pm advanced w/ edward
3:30pm intermediate w/ ani
6:15pm basic/intermediate w/ brian
10:30am open w/ brian
12:15pm lunch hour w/ joe
1:30pm basics w/ brian
3:00pm greenhouse w/ brian
4:15pm open w/ joe
6:00pm intermediate w/ edward
7:30pm goodnight hour w/ edward
10:00am open w/ edward
12:15pm basics w/ frank
2:00pm advanced w/ frank
5:30pm happy hour w/ shevy
12:15pm lunch hour w/ edward
1:30pm basics w/ edward
3:00pm greenhouse w/ edward
4:15pm open w/ frank
10:00am open w/ brian
12:15pm basics w/ frank
2:00pm intermediate w/ frank
3:00pm greenhouse w/ brian
4:15pm open and restore w/ brian
6:00pm basics w/ marlie
7:30pm intermediate w/ brian
10:00am intermediate w/ frank
2:00pm basic/intermediate w/ joe
6:30pm open w/ renata
10:30am open w/ edward
2:00pm intermediate w/ edward
3:30pm meditation w/ edward
6:15pm greenhouse w/ erin (margi young will be teaching this class on july 15th!)
6:30pm open w/ joeHope to see you now!

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